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The Bay of Pula and Brijuni National Park

The Bay of Pula includes the sea area east of the line connecting Cape Proština in the north and Cape Kumpar in the south (Pula Gate). Pula, the largest Istrian town (62,378 inhabitants), is located on the shores of the bay. As the Port of Pula occupies the entire area of the Bay of Pula, these toponyms are used in almost identical meanings. The port of Pula is divided by the islands of Sv. Catherine and St. Andrew to the outer (western) and inner (eastern) ports.

The only safe entrance to the port is between the head of the long breakwater (extension of Cape Kumpar) and Cape Proština. After entering the port you reach the island of Sv. Andrew which you can sail from either the north or the south. Speed in the outer port is limited to 8 knots, and in the inner to 5 knots. The northern direction between the islands of Andrija and Katarina is a waterway to enter the inner port. Priority is given to vessels leaving the port, and it is forbidden to sail through the passage. After passing, the lighthouse on the island of Uljanik becomes visible.

The inner port is protected from all winds except the northwest. Northwest winds can be dangerous in the port as well. In winter, the south wind and the bora blow mostly, which can blow fiercely but do not develop waves in the harbor. In front of the port is a constant current from the northwest, which can reach speeds of several knots with the wind. The Rijeka pier is reserved for passenger traffic and as a customs pier. Apart from the marina, it can be moored on the shore southwest of the marina or anchored northwest of the Rijeka pier on a muddy bottom that holds well.

The forbidden zone in the outer port is from Cape Sv. Petar to Cape Kumpar.

In terms of the size of the built shores within the bay and in terms of equipment, Pula is the largest and most important port in Istria, and the well-protected Bay of Pula is one of the best natural ports on the Adriatic. Due to its size, prominent position, two approaches (directly from the sea and through the Fažana Channel), low shores and easy fortification, the Bay of Pula has always had a prominent strategic importance. Due to its characteristics, the Gulf of Pula was chosen as the main port of the Austro-Hungarian Navy. Most of the Bay of Pula is still preserved in an almost natural (non-urbanized) form because it has served for more than a hundred years as a military base for the navies of many countries that ruled this area.

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